The Top 3 Russian “Beauty Secrets”

Russian Beauty SecretsHi, friend!

…When I was buying my coffee a few days ago a barista asked me if by any chance I was Russian. When I told her that well, yes (I’ve been living in LA for over 14 years now, I but I was raised in Russia), the next thing that I heard from her was: oh, this is why your skin looks so plump!

Oh, well! My first reaction was: come on! It is not about me being from Russia! It’s about the things that I do for my skin! But then, as I remembered that this barista wasn’t the first to make this assumption, I’ve realized that some of my beauty-care routines are indeed influenced by my Russian upbringing.

When I realized that I decided to promptly share these “secrets” with you, my dear reader! Because they aren’t real “secrets”, they are simple principles that anyone can easily adopt!

Top Three Russian Beauty Secrets:

Top Three Russian Beauty Secrets

#1. To Preserve Rather Than To Cure.

Russian women strive to preserve what their nature has given them rather than cure what had gone wrong. And here’s the reason why: historically it happened so that the beauty industry in Russian is kind of underdeveloped. The Russians cared more about what’s “important”, such as space science (I’m OK with that) and the weapons development (not OK with that, but let’s not get off topic)! With that in mind Russian women just knew that they couldn’t rely on the technology!

As a “typical Russian girl” I honestly believe that it’s actually a good thing to preserve what you got instead of loosing it and trying to bring it back by using all sorts of lasers, fillers and things alike!

And although sometimes it’s great to have access to all the beauty innovations since we can’t preserve what we got forever… I very strongly believe that it’s important to do your best to keep what your nature had given you for as long as you can!

With that in mind I always like to stay away from the sun, diligently wear my sunscreen and stick to my skincare routine no matter how tired a am! 🙂


#2. Stick with what you know.

Top Three Russian Beauty Secrets to adopt

Although Russian women in their majority love to dress to the nines, most Russian women are skeptical about trying all sorts of beauty trends and treatments. Instead they like to stick with what they know and what stood the test of time. I believe that the reason to this is probably same as with #1: without having much access to the latest beauty innovations, Russian women naturally beware of the new technology.

What can I say? When it comes to skincare, it looks like I am a typical “Russian girl”: I’d never just begin trying all sorts of new products and procedures without knowing exactly what the benefits and, more importantly, the side-effects of these treatments would be. Instead I’d rather stick with my favorite products that work for me!

Actually the only reasons why I begin looking for new products are either because one of my faves is discontinued or because I suddenly see a problem that needs to be taken care of (for instance when I started seeing a few “crow’s feet” wrinkles under my eyes, I knew I had to smooth them out with something! That’s how I discovered this balm). 🙂



#3. Beauty is important!

Top Three Russian Beauty Secrets to adopt

I believe that the biggest part of why Russian women are considered to be “beautiful” (although there are just as many naturally beautiful American, Brazilian, or Asian women in the world!) is because Russian women see being beautiful as something important!

…Unlike their American sisters, Russian women are still a bit “stuck” in the old-school patriarchic tradition where not being “attached” to a guy is perceived as a catastrophe! It’s in the culture. It’s in the mindset.

Although I believe that seeing your importance solely in being “attached” is not a good thing… I do believe that it should be important for us as women to invest in our good looks! Only not just for that dude… But for ourselves! 🙂 It gives us confidence! It gives us joy!

With this in mind Russian girls tend to take care of their health – primarily because they know that keeping their weight under control, eating the right foods and knowing which styles flatter them the most play a major role in the way they look!

Well, while there are a few other good reasons for anyone to take good care of their health and be stylish aside striving to maintain their good looks, there is no denying that if you do want to look great, you must also ensure that you feel good!





So what do you think of these beauty “secrets”? 🙂 Turns out they aren’t that “complicated” after all! 🙂

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