Best Beautiful & Casual Dresses For Summer!

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You want to know something interesting? What we wear not only affects the way other people perceive us. It also affects the way we feel about ourselves!

Wearing sexy clothing makes others see us as… well, sexy. But it also makes you feel… sexy, right?Β At the same time wearing a plain suit may make others perceive you as a business person, and, most likely it’ll help you get into a rather serious state of mind!

But what makes you feel uber-femininly beautiful? A beautiful dress is my ultimate answer! πŸ™‚

And because most of our lives are filled with chores and errands as we take care of the million things on our daily to do lists, it’s always nice when these dresses are also casual! So today I thought that it’d be fun if I put together a list of the prettiest currently trending everyday summer dresses for you to pick just the right one for you!

The Maxi Dresses

The forever feminine maxi, you can never go wrong with one! An extra bonus with these is that you can really dress it up or down according to the time of day and occasion!

The Floral Dresses

The current floral trend – what can be more feminine and romantic? Long or short, the florals are so feminine!

The Fit & Flare Dresses

These dresses that looks great on everyone and they’re my first choice for when I want to look a bit sexy without going overboard!

The Babydoll Dresses

Easy-breezy, with plenty of room to breathe – these are my go-tos for the friendly parties (’cause it also gives you the room to indulge!) and any other outings when I just want to relax AND know that no matter what I look feminine and cute!

The Lace Dresses

Because what can be more feminine than lace? Once again, a lace dress can look dressy worn with a pair of heels and fine accessories, but you can easily dress it down by throwing a denim jacket or a casual cardigan over it, or (this trend is actually growing on me!) by simply wearing it with a pair of white snickers! πŸ™‚

The White Dresses

Because nothing speaks Summer like a white dress! πŸ™‚

And the question of the day is: what makes you feel most beautiful? My answer is a light and airy floral dress! I guess it’s because there’s something very romantic about wearing this delicate airy dress on a hot summer’s day! Kind of puts me in the mood to read some Jane Austin and walk around the rosies! πŸ™‚ …Even if just for a few moments, on my way to run my million errands!Β xoxo,











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